There is no denying that today’s workplaces are insanely fast-paced and involve more demand and pressure than ever. For that very reason it is important that you are well supported at all times, and that you proactively take steps to keep a healthy balance of emotional, mental and physical wellbeing at all times, particularly in the workplace.

As a brand, Deezi Active, encourages fierce minded, independent women to live life to the fullest, but the reality is, as mothers, corporate career women and women on the go, sometimes we need that extra little bit of support.

Here are our top 5 tips to enhancing your workplace wellbeing;

– Pack your Deezi’s! Seriously, a quick walk, run or exercise class during your lunch break can do wonderful for the heart and soul.

– Recognise signs of stress and talk to a trusted co-worker about the source. Some signs of stress include muscular tension, fatigue, stomach upsets, headaches, aggression and mood swings.

– Get your diet on track – as tempting as those lunch time hot foods or 2pm treats can be, opt for something healthier like a wrap or salad and a handful of nuts to keep you going.

– Speak to your wellbeing officer, HR department or a free counselling service

– Take a moment of mindfulness – in addition to lunchtime walk, take time throughout the day to practice mindfulness. This doesn’t have to be a full-blown meditation session but take a 5 minutes to close your eyes and focus on nothing but your body and your breathing. A great way to reset!


Do you have your own little routine to help you get through the day and the week? Comment below and share with our community.


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