Looking for more Deezi inspiration? Look no further than our customer testimonials below:
"I was never really into activewear, I could never find anything that fitted well and was flattering.
I purchased the 7/8 BFFs and after just trying them on I was honestly wowed. I then tested them out by walking 16km as well as pt sessions. I was so impressed I immediately purchased the black Bffs with the white lower legs, this was soon followed by the black pair with gold Deezi writing and then blue fern bffs
I have checked out other brands at major sporting stores and none seem to be anywhere near the quality of Deezi.
I have seen girls size 16-18 wear Deezi and look and feel amazing.
Honestly the best activewear around and if they bring out more designs I'll be the first to purchase."
- Emma
" Very happy with my Deezi’s. I now have two pairs.
The quality in the material and stitch of each garment is the best I have had.
Very comfortable to wear and the perfect height around the stomach area.
Definitely buying more Deezi range."
- Laura
"Love mine and the name is on point too. Both me and my BFF bought the BFF leopards.

The brand has the fitting down pat & they are so easy to wear all day
They wash up like new and I’m stoked to finally find a brand that works for my body in every way".

- Louise

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