There’s no doubting it, we Australians love our activewear! Can I hear a ‘hell yeah’ ladies? (or gents, there’s no judgement here, you are allowed to be comfortable and look awesome too). The activewear or athleisure wear trend has taken hold, and definitely seems here to stay. Any why not? Its comfortable, stretchy, makes you feel like you are far more fit and active than you may actually be. And, for good measure, it sends out the vibe that you have everything in your life together and under control. You can even fit in a quick gym session at lunch or before dinner. How organised are you??

The dark side

But there is a not so pleasant side to a lot of activewear on the market today.

The dark side is its very shady and unflattering environmental impact. This is because a lot of activewear is made from synthetic materials such as spandex, polyester, lycra, you get the picture… and these are not so good for our fragile environment.

Why are synthetics so bad, you ask?

Well, synthetic fabrics such as those we named and shamed above, are often manufactured from non-renewable resources such as oil or oil biproducts. In addition, synthetics can also be very energy intensive to produce and often include harmful chemicals in their production cycles. Manufacturing cycles can also release waste ‘micro-plastics’ into our waterways and oceans, which are toxic to the little critters that live in them. Even worse, they can travel in reverse through the food chain and potentially show up on some seafood lover’s plate. This is not good news, as these tiny plastics aren’t really fit for human (or any organism’s) consumption. There is another drawback also. Synthetics do not biodegrade easily, meaning they don’t break down when you throw them out. This is pretty bad, as it leaves them with the reputation of hanging around in land fill for far too many years after your gym membership has expired.

But, it’s not all bad

This all seems like a lot of bad news about our favourite off-duty attire. But it’s not all doom and gloom. There is some good news out there. There are companies who are taking steps to source sustainable materials and create our beloved activewear and athleisure wear without the cost to the environment.

Deezi Active is changing…

Deezi Active is one of these companies. We are committed to becoming a sustainable activewear brand. To provide you with latest, must-have activewear styles that are high quality, durable, comfortable, ethically sourced and, in the near future, becoming more sustainably produced. The best news is that they are still very reasonably priced, meaning won’t cost you the earth either.

And we aren’t content to stop at simply moving towards using sustainable materials in our manufacturing, we are thinking wider than that. To make sure we are moving towards minimizing our environmental impact as much as possible, we are also in the process of sourcing environmentally friendly and biodegradable packaging, which is much kinder to the environment than traditional plastics.

We really do have you covered. We really do have it all covered (sorry, I couldn’t hold onto that pun any longer; but seriously, we do).

Browse our great range today. We have something to suit all body shapes and types, and activity level.