Deezi Active is committed to taking the necessary steps to reduce our impact on the environment. We love our planet and we have put in place positive climate change solutions within our business now and are planning on more positive changes throughout 2021 / 2022

We are continually striving to improve our processes and practices both in the office and outside of it to better care for our fellow Australians and for people all over the world by treating our planet with the respect and love it deserves


What we have done so far

  • Most of our office is now a paperless, eco-friendly office space to reduce waste
  • We have changed to 100% recyclable Deezi Active mailer bags for small orders 
  • Combat Black and BFF Black styles have been made in 100% recyclable materials (they arrive in Oct)
  • All Deezi Active gear will be sent directly from our factories to us so we can ensure the integrity of our eco-friendly shipping values always remains a priority.
  • We have only partnered with sustainability conscious and environmental practicing factories
  • We have introduced carbon neutral shipping via shopify partner Planet


    What more do we plan to do

    • We will continue to source the highest quality recyclable and sustainable fabrics and textiles for our future collections
    • We aim to swap to recyclable shipping bags
    • Source a sustainability partnership so we can help create a more sustainable future together
    • Introduce recyclable /sustainable office supplies where possible 
    • Continue to source sustainable solutions where possible