Hit Your New Year Fitness Goals with Deezi Active!

Hit Your New Year Fitness Goals with Deezi Active!

Welcome to 2024! As we embrace the New Year with open arms, it's time to set those fitness goals and tackle them head-on. But let's not forget, the Australian summer is in full swing, bringing with it the challenge of staying active in the heat.

But don’t worry - Deezi Active can help keep you cool, comfortable, and chic as you chase your fitness goals. Here are some tips on how you can keep your fitness journey fresh and fashionable this summer season!

Tip 1: Dress for the Weather

When it comes to summer workouts, the right outfit can make all the difference. Choosing activewear that's lightweight and breathable is key to staying comfortable, especially on those warmer days. It's about finding pieces that allow your skin to breathe and don't trap heat so you can focus on your workout without any discomfort.

For those scorching summer days, the Oversized Logo Tee - Black/Orange and Oversized Logo Tee - Black/Baby Blue is a standout choice. This tee, having sold out three times, is clearly a favourite for good reason! Its oversized design offers a breezy fit, perfect for keeping you cool during workouts or casual outings. The vibrant logos add a splash of colour, bringing a fun and energetic vibe to your fitness attire. Made with soft, breathable cotton, this tee is not just about making a style statement — it's about staying comfortably cool as you tackle your summer fitness routine

Tip 2: Protect Your Skin

When you're out and about enjoying your summer fitness routine, it's important to think about sun protection. More than slathering your body with sunscreen, it’s also important to choose the right garments that provide coverage without sacrificing your comfort. Look for pieces that shield your skin from the sun's rays while allowing you to move freely and stay cool.

If you're seeking sun protection that also offers comfort and style, the Oversize Tee Olive is crafted from 100% cotton, making it incredibly soft, lightweight, and breathable – ideal for those sunny outdoor strolls and workouts! Its design includes dropped sleeves and an extended length, providing extra coverage while maintaining a casual yet fashionable look.

Tip 3: Hydration is Key

Keeping hydrated during your summer workouts is essential, but it doesn't have to be a chore! Think of it as part of your fitness routine, just like choosing the right playlist for warming up. Carrying a water bottle should also feel as natural as wearing your favourite sneakers. And remember, staying hydrated helps you perform better and recover faster, making every workout count.

To complement your hydration efforts, the Goddess Set in Black and Grey (Ribbed) is all about comfort and style. This set, featuring both the Goddess Crop and matching shorts, is crafted with stretchy ribbed fabric that is designed to move with you — whether you're reaching for your water bottle or stretching into a yoga pose. The crop’s square neckline and longer length add a touch of elegance, making it a stylish yet practical piece for those hot summer days.

Tip 4: Choose a Versatile Workout Wear

Finding activewear that can keep up with your busy summer days is a game-changer! Imagine clothes that work just as well for a morning workout as for a casual lunch with friends. The key is to choose pieces that are both comfortable for exercise and stylish enough for your post-workout activities. This way, you can move through your day seamlessly, without the need for multiple outfit changes.

If you're looking for activewear that effortlessly transitions from a morning workout to your daily errands, the Chrissy Shorts in Olive and Black (Ribbed) is a true embodiment of that 'wear-anywhere' spirit!

These shorts feature a unique V-front waistband and ribbed high-stretch fabric, offering both a flattering look and practical comfort. Whether you're powering through a high-intensity workout or enjoying a relaxed day out, these shorts provide the perfect combination of style and functionality. 

Their ribbed texture adds a trendy touch, while the choice of olive and black colours ensures they can be paired with a variety of tops for different looks. With the Chrissy Shorts, your summer wardrobe is as flexible as your schedule.

Tip 5: Add a Pop of Color

Adding a splash of colour to your workout gear can do wonders for your motivation and mood. Bright, vibrant colours not only make a fashion statement but also energise your workout sessions. It's a simple yet effective way to keep your workouts exciting and fresh, especially during the long summer days.

If you're looking to pop some lively colour into your activewear, the Oversize Tee Tie Dye Pink is a perfect choice. Aside from making a bold fashion statement, its lightweight and breathable cotton fabric ensures you stay comfortable and cool, no matter how intense your workout gets. The fun tie-dye pattern adds a playful touch to your fitness attire, making it a great way to infuse some joy and energy into your exercise routine! Pair this with jean shorts, your fave Deezi Bike Shorts or Leggings to complete the perfect stylish look.

Tip 6: Opt for Easy-to-Pair Neutrals

The beauty of neutrals lies in their versatility – you can mix and match them with almost anything, making getting ready for a workout or a casual day out a breeze. This simplicity is a lifesaver during the busy summer months, letting you focus more on your fitness goals and less on outfit decisions.

Heading out for a summer workout or just chilling after? The Oversize Tee Tie Dye Grey is a great way to incorporate neutrals into your fitness wardrobe! Its high-quality, breathable cotton fabric keeps you comfortable, and its oversized fit brings a trendy, laid-back style to your look. Plus, the classic grey colour is versatile and stylish, pairing effortlessly with different colours and patterns.

That’s it — here's to 2024 filled with vibrant workouts and effortless style! Remember, every step in your fitness journey is a chance to shine in your unique way. Stay cool, stay active, and make your year one to remember with fun, flair, and fitness.

As you hit your fitness goals one by one, Deezi Active is here to support every step of your journey. Head over to our latest Goddess Collection Set or explore our activewear and make this summer your most stylish, active season yet!