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As any mum would know after having a baby integrating back into the ‘real world’ can be a tough task. Besides your first language is baby talk or midnight gibberish, you function on minimal sleep all be it not very well, your idea of being polite is not vomiting on a clean white tee and just the thought of only doing one thing at a time is near impossible, let alone trying to find clothes you actually feel good in!

This is exactly how I felt after having my daughter, I went from busy go-getter career girl to love sick mummy who was obsessed with her child but couldn’t for the life of me find anything that fit me, supported me and was comfortable across my C section.

Why? Because I had changed forms, morphed into a beautiful womanly figure that was a little cuddlier, a little soft around the edges and a lot swollen. Don’t get me wrong I loved my body that my daughter gave me but it had very different requirements to the wardrobe I had spent the last decade perfecting. My new wardrobe requirements were comfortable, supportive, soft around my mid-section but still held me in, fashionable and just down right fabulous. My first thought was active wear; it can’t be that hard right? I own huge amounts of active wear, I’ll just slip on some leggings a cute tee and be out the door in 5 minutes……not quite.

After being pregnant and giving birth my active wardrobe, or any part of my wardrobe didn’t fit me like it used to. That’s when I had my light bulb moment and turned my sales skills, mummy skills and entrepreneurial skills into Deezi active. What started out as a purely organic idea of designing a pair of leggings to get me through ended up changing the way I viewed motherhood, my wardrobe and my active life. I never felt as if I couldn’t leave the house but I did feel challenged to find something I felt good in but the contouring, smoothing and
comfort plus fabric of my new leggings took that pain away….literally!

I finally felt like me again, I felt empowered, supported and unstoppable and to a new mum that’s a really great feeling.
All of a sudden I was motivated to go walking, attend Pilates and get back into my beloved Zumba. There was no jiggle, no muffin
top and definitely no camel toe!

After hearing the remarks from friends and passersby I realised that my ass really did look great in these tights. I had girl friends
begging me to make more for them and then one night I did and Deezi Active was born.

In that short amount of time Deezi was born, my confidence was regained and my active lifestyle was in full flight again. There was
no more excuses, no more second thoughts and definitely no more camel toes!

Until next time, Go get ‘em




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