How to stay motivated this winter

How to stay motivated this winter

We get it. It’s a grey morning, your electric blanket is on, rain is predicted and your snuggly robe is calling. Sticking to your fitness routine during the winter months can be a struggle, but Deezi Girls, we got this! Here are our top tips for staying motivated during winter 2023. 


Keep it simple 

When motivation is low, just keep things simple. On dull and grey days, you don’t have to psych yourself up to run a marathon. Instead, just open the door and head out for a walk. Thirty minutes is all you need. If you’re working at home, take your lunch break on a trip around the block!  Our Trinity Sweaters are perfect for wearing all day long and are so versatile they can be worn at home or out and about. They are 100% cotton, super soft and cosy, and are sized comfortably for Aussie women. 


Exercise at home

If the idea of heading out is too hard to take, then, do your exercise at home! While treadmills, rowing machines, steppers and weights are great to have, there are heaps of other cost effective options available that don’t take up space or cost a lot. All you really need are a couple of key pieces – with weights, a yoga mat, resistance bands and a kettlebell you can get a serious workout happening in even the smallest of living spaces.


Keep it comfy

Supportive and breathable fabrics make all the difference when the weather is wet and wild. Selecting the right workout wear will help you overcome whatever winter has to throw at you. Our Active Training range includes our Active Training Pants and Active Jackets which are breathable, stretchy and moisture wicking. These essential leisurewear pieces are ideal to wear all year round.


Find your Support

Staying motivated is easier when you have someone or a team to share with and be accountable to. Find a friend and sign up for a spin class, or grab one of your girls for an after work beach jog. You can also connect with other like-minded ladies through the Deezi online community. Follow us on Instagram for customer stories that will leave you inspired and motivated and find a new Deezi babe to share your journey with.