Well happy Saturday lovely people. The sun is shining, summer is on its way and we are proud to introduce to you another Deezi Active Ambassador for some #fitspo! In part I of our interview with Maris we discuss the simple facts, routines and achievements.

NAME: Maria Bond
AGE: 34 y/o – happily married mum of 2, my son is 4.5 & daughter is 3
HEIGHT: 160cm
OCCUPATION: Business Analyst
CITY: Melbourne
WEIGHT: On-season: 59kg Off season: 65kg
CALORIES: 1800-2000
ATHLETIC HISTORY: Endurance Runner turned Fitness Competitor


4.30am -wake up

5am – 6am: have breakfast, pack my gym bag, pack the kids school bags, tidy up around the house or do laundry

6am – 7am: battle with my kids to wake up and get ready for daycare (my son is 4.5 yrs old & daughter is 3, those with young children know that leaving the house is no easy feat)

7am – 8.20am:  hit the gym before work

8.30 – 4.30 – work, work, work… I’m a business analyst in the wine industry for anyone who wants to know, and yes, I get tons of free wine that I can’t drink

4.30 – 6pm: pick up kiddies from daycare, get them home & entertained while I prepare their dinner (hubby & I meal prep on the weekends so I only have to cook for them each night – massive time saver!!)

6pm – 7.30pm: family time/ housework/ kiddies bath time

7.30pm – 8.30pm: bed time for the kids, this is when they generally realise they’re hungry, thirsty, can’t find a specific teddy that they MUST sleep with etc

8.30pm – sauna or cardio, shower & in bed asleep by 9.30-10pm ready for a new day



– Competed in 2 WBFF show in 2018

Sydney, July ‘18 – I placed 6th & the World Titles – Las Vegas, August ‘18 – I placed 11th
– 1st place/ National Champion Fitness Momma – ICN Nationals 2017
– 1st place Angel – ICN All Female Classic 2017

– 1st place Swimsuit Model – ICN All Female Classic 2017
– 1st place Swimsuit Model – ICN Mornngton Peninsula Titles 2017
– 1st place/ overall sports model champion – ICN Mornington Peninsula Titles 2017
– Multiple other top 5 placings across the six ICN competitions I’ve done thus far

– Run Melbourne Half-Marathon 2015


Stay tuned as we bring you part II of this interview with wonder woman, fitness legend and Deezi Active Ambassador