When you hear a business or brand say “we are not a brand we are a movement” what does it even mean? I don’t know what your thoughts are but, in my head, I automatically think something along these lines: Are a collective of customers and employees about to pull some flash mob stunt wearing the same shirts? Do all their customers hang out together on Sundays doing yoga and drinking detox tea? Am I in an episode of The Handmaids Tale?

Dramatic -sure, a little over the top – absolutely! But the reality is slogans like this are designed to make you feel something. Brands making these statements want you to think that they aren’t just a retail company bidding for your hard-earned cash with flashy advertising, emotive slogans and indulgent aesthetics.

(Now, I am about to get a bit serious with you so hold on for the ride). Deezi Active is none of these things. We aren’t indulgent. We aren’t flashy. We aren’t just a retail company. And you most certainly won’t hear us say we are a movement. Deezi Active is a community, both in the office and out, of supportive, strong, sexy and unapologetically imperfect women. We are all on the same mission, supporting each other, no matter what shape or size, through life to shape our own “fit”.


If you need any convincing at all our incoming range will show you this. Each and every new design that is about to hit our store has been influenced by our customers (who we like to call our #DeeziSquad). Asking for more mesh, more pockets, more block colours, higher waistbands (and a whole lot more), our #DeeziSquad are always delighted to share their views with us.

When I spoke to owner, Dani, about why she was creating the new designs her words resonated deeply…

“I built this range based on the requests from our customers… I will always listen to the customers and trusted friends as this is how we evolve”.

Does just a “retail company” take their customers feedback and create ALL their designs from it? Does a “movement” listen to their friends in order to evolve? (Again, what does a “movement” even do?!).

I can’t give you the answers on the above, that is for you to decide, but what I can tell you is a community, the Deezi Active community, listens, learns and supports. And that is exactly what our new range will do. Find out for yourself over the coming weeks as we introduce our new designs, your new designs.

Thanks for reading my rant #Deeziactive

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