Were constantly commended on our quality which is one of our major competitive strengths. Quality Activewear is so important.

The fit, fabric, stitching, colour, wash resistant, elasticity and longevity are all contributing factors to good quality activewear. To maintain our high quality Deezi products, they all undergo a tedious QA process once they arrive in our hands.

This is on top of the strict QA process undertaken at the factory. Call us over the top, but we take extra measures in Australia as our customers deserve nothing but the best!

It starts at the sample. The sample is our design made into the reality. This part is so exciting.

Each sample is checked against the design, leaving nothing unchecked. Anything less than perfect is not accepted. 

Design – We first check the design. How is the stitching, thread, fabric colour, mesh quality, size of waistband? How does the legging look overall?

Stretch Test - We stretch each legging between 2 staff members and let go. How did the fabric go? Did any stitching loosen? Did any of the print stretch? Are the tights as perfect as they were?

Wear Test - Then we put them on. How do they feel? Is anything uncomfortable? How does the waistband feel? We check the pocket depth and size against a real phone. Is the waistband the right? Is anything rubbing? Then we check if they are squat proof. Out come a pair of black underwear. Are they see through? How can we fix that?

Suitability – We check the product against its purpose. Are the tights smoothing and sculpting? Is the belly button covered for the high waist tights? How is the bum looking with the butt lift technology? How are the confidence levels / reactions after putting on this pair of tights from the last pair?

Second & Third Opinion – It is not just the Deezi team that checks our products. We involve our customers too as they are involved in the design process too after we have asked for feedback. The customers are sent the samples and asked to give them a hard time. Use them for their workout, wash them, use them again and again, however they would normally use their activewear. Now is their time to be critical where needed and of course, let us know what they love too. The customers take photos and sometimes videos so we can see them on different body shapes. All feedback is taken on board and changes are made accordingly.

Wash Test – We wash the sample multiple times. Never with fabric softener as it damages the fabric. Did any colour run? How is the mesh? Are there any noticeable changes to shape or quality? We put them on again after this.

Active Test – The Deezi team will wear the samples for their everyday routines. Gym, Yoga, Weights, Running, Walking, Shopping, Flights, wherever. They get an absolute flogging to be frank! Friends of the brand are also engaged for feedback which they love as they are seeing them before they are produced.

Grand Finale – Once all of the above has been noted, final changes are made by the factory and new samples sent where required for the sample test all over again. Some Deezi products just don’t make the cut and are put to bed. The rest are approved and manufactured. It doesn’t stop there though. When the new products arrive, we personally check each one before sending to their new homes.

This process is the main reason we will continue to deliver the best quality activewear for our gorgeous customers who deserve the best!

Until next time girls


Dani xxx