Hey ladies,

Hasn’t the last couple of months been super crazy? From being confronted with a scary virus to being locked away from our family and friends in "ISO".

The positive side of this is, we have been at home nice and safe doing everything from self-care to shopping online, cooking, reading books, spending time with the kids and in my case all of the above plus working tirelessly behind the scenes with my team with the launch of our Deezi Active Resistance Booty Band, fulfilling all of your orders in record speeds, working on the new Deezi range about to land and finalising the next release. It has been crazy for us!

The Resistance Booty bands have been a big hit with our girls which is great. Having access to a little pocket rocket like that which you can use anywhere and it packs a punch on your legs and glutes too. That burn is insane. I couldn’t walk for 2 days. We're working on a video for you too with a PT known to Deezi and also some new colours that are arriving mid-May. And……yes, they are leopard too!

In June, we have 3 new styles dropping which we have had so many responses from you all. The Hot Pink Zoe’s in a 7/8 length, and the Elektra Crop and matching leggings. These 3 are super cute, super comfy and some of my best work if I may say so myself. A lot of time and effort has gone into these new pieces and I cannot wait to share them with you. We will be having a pre-order event as we expect them to sell out quite quickly.

Then comes the next release. Bike shorts with pockets, black and grey Deezi tracksuits with pockets and a hoodie, our BFF grey leopard set, the Maria crop in leopard and red, singlets and muscle T’s too.

Summer samples are in production now and I should get them next week. I won’t say any more other than Coloured Pastels, Leopard, Stripes and Black/White pieces.

We absolutely love interacting with you and take on all your feedback. You are part of our Deezi family and what you say matters to us, driving decisions on development and more.


Stay safe until next time.

Dani xxxxx