Ramp Up Your Winter Style With Deezi!

Ramp Up Your Winter Style With Deezi!

Winter! That chilly time of year when some may feel like staying bundled up indoors, and perhaps letting their fitness routines take a backseat. But not us! At Deezi Active, we embrace the winter season as an opportunity to stay active, warm, and stylish in our high-quality activewear. That’s why we're here to help you conquer the winter blues and stay active despite the cold with these practical tips to keep you moving and feeling your best throughout these chilly months.

Let's conquer the cold together and keep our fitness journey going strong!

  1. Winter Warm-Up Routine

Before engaging in any winter activities, be sure to warm up properly to prevent injuries and prepare your body for physical exertion. Create a practical winter warm-up routine that you can follow before heading outdoors or starting indoor exercises.

  1. Dynamic Stretches: Start with dynamic stretches that target major muscle groups. Perform leg swings, arm circles, hip rotations, and trunk twists to increase blood flow and flexibility.
  2. Cardio Warm-Up: Incorporate a short cardio warm-up to elevate your heart rate. Jump rope, do jumping jacks, or jog in place for a few minutes to get your body moving and warm.
  3. Joint Mobilisation: Focus on joint mobilisation exercises to increase mobility and reduce stiffness. Perform ankle circles, wrist circles, and shoulder rolls to improve joint range of motion.
  4. Active Bodyweight Movements: Include bodyweight movements like squats, lunges, push-ups, and planks in your warm-up routine. These exercises engage multiple muscle groups and help prepare your body for more intense activities.
  5. Gentle Static Stretches: End your warm-up routine with gentle static stretches. Focus on stretching major muscle groups, holding each stretch for 20-30 seconds. Stretch your hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, chest, and shoulders to improve flexibility.

To keep your body comfortable and supported during the warm-up, consider wearing our best-selling BFF Leggings! Crafted with high-support fabric, these leggings offer the ideal comfort and stretch so you can move with ease throughout your routine.

Once you've completed your warm-up, layer up with Deezi Active's Essentials Jacket. This cosy and versatile jacket will help you retain your body heat during outdoor activities, and keep you warm before and after your workouts.

2. Stay Active with Indoor Workouts

Create a home workout routine that you can easily follow, even on the chilliest days. We recommend the Active Training Pants for your indoor exercises, designed to keep you comfortable all day long.

You may also explore online workout classes or tutorials that align with your fitness goals and interests. Whether it's flowing through yoga, toning up with Pilates, or busting some moves with dance workouts, there are plenty of options to keep you active in the comfort of your own home. Remember to warm up properly before each session and cool down afterward to prevent injuries and improve flexibility!

Take note that consistency is key to staying active during the winter season, so make sure to set a schedule and dedicate specific times for your indoor workouts! Layer up with the cosiness and style of the Deezi Active Trinity Sweater, keeping you warm and motivated throughout your workout sessions, or even when you need to go out for a quick errand.

But don’t stop there! Incorporate movement into your daily routine too. Take mini breaks from work or chores to stretch or do light exercises. Consider active hobbies like dancing, playing indoor sports, or even bringing some zest to household cleaning.

3. Set Up a Home Exercise Space

Winter shouldn't hold you back from staying active – it's time to create your very own home exercise sanctuary! Transform a corner of your living room, spare room, or garage into a dedicated workout zone. Having this personalised space will motivate you to stick to your fitness routine.

Get creative and equip your exercise haven with some basic workout essentials like dumbbells, resistance bands, and a yoga mat. For ultimate comfort and flexibility during your home workouts, slip into Deezi Active's Toorak Leggings. These leggings are perfect for various exercises, helping you stay motivated and stylish while you work on your fitness goals.

Make the space uniquely yours with motivational quotes, greenery, or posters that ignite your passion for movement. Ensure it's well-lit and ventilated to create a welcoming ambiance for your sweat sessions.

With a home exercise space that encourages you to move, you'll find it easier to stay active and maintain a consistent fitness routine even on the coldest winter days.

4. Winter Fitness Challenges

Who said winter had to be a time of hibernation? Kick things up a notch with some exciting winter fitness challenges to keep you energised throughout the season.

Begin with a "Winter Steps Challenge." Set a daily step goal and track your progress using a fitness tracker or smartphone app. Next, challenge yourself to try new winter sports or activities. Ice skating, snowshoeing, or even building snowmen with family and friends can be enjoyable and excellent workouts.

Feeling the urge to challenge yourself indoors? Set a weekly workout challenge to try different exercise routines. Explore yoga, HIIT, strength training, or dance workouts. Make it a team effort by inviting your friends or family to join your winter fitness challenges. You can compete, support, or just have a blast together!

To rock these winter fitness challenges with confidence, gear up in the comfortable and stylish Cheeky Charlie V4 Leggings with to lift and pop your booty! These leggings offer comfort and style, and the best technology to help trim down your waistline. Reward yourself with some well-deserved downtime by snuggling up in the Trinity Sweater that you can wear every day, no matter the occasion.

5. Set Up Hydration Reminders

Don't let the winter chill fool you – staying hydrated is still key to feeling your best! But we get it; it's easy to forget to drink enough water when it's cold outside. Fear not! We've got a lively solution to keep you sipping all day long.

Grab a water bottle with time markers to help pace your hydration. If you find yourself cozied up indoors, set alarms on your phone or computer to remind you to drink water every hour.

Spice up your sips by infusing your water with natural flavours - toss in some lemon slices, cucumber dice, or a handful of juicy berries. Trust us; this little twist makes staying hydrated way more enjoyable!

This winter, staying active and stylish is easier than ever with these practical tips. And if you’re looking to experience the perfect blend of comfort and style, shop with Deezi now and start pushing your fitness goals!