tDid some say Resistance Booty Band?

"ISO" has seen us restricted in our homes. We weren’t able to visit our usual public places like gyms, sporting centers, weekend games and anywhere else where people gathered. So we had to help and quick!

Resistance Booty Bands have been on our radar for some time. The contacts were there, the designs had been submitted and it was only a matter of time before we were introducing them to you all. 

We made a call to our factory and requested the samples urgently so we could inspect them against our requirements.

The requirements were



3. Sizing


5.Logo placement

Once all the above was ticked, we placed our order and received our Deezi Active resistance booty bands shortly after in our signature leopard print.

Each of our bands are made from the highest quality woven material and come in a medium / strong resistance. The big feature about these is, they have rubber grips to ensure they don’t budge while you're working out, because nothing is more annoying than a band that slips! Oh wait, yes there is, leggings that slip are worse. Ah ha. Well at least you will not experience that one either with Deezi Active.

Within the first few days, they were already half gone. We contacted the factory and quickly placed another order which will be arriving shortly.

Did someone say another leopard print design? Yep. Sure did. We are restocking the leopard and bringing in a snow leopard design too and it is hot!

We have been working tirelessly behind the scenes with one of our trusted personal trainers and booty burn instructors, Teresa Walkingshaw to bring you a series of exercises and instructional videos on how to use the Resistance Booty Band, properly.

Stay tuned for these vids which we hope to go live with this week.

We are always on the lookout for more ways and more products to satisfy the needs of our gorgeous Deezi Squad member, don’t worry about that. We have your back and your booty!

Stay safe,

Dani xxxx