As the designer for Deezi Active, my brain does not stop ticking. I am constantly thinking about new patterns, flattering colours, ¾ length vs 7/8, mesh or no mesh, waistbands, the best fabrics, new stitching techniques and the list goes on. If it relates to activewear, I am thinking about it.

During our day to day activities, we are constantly reaching out to our customers on what they like or dislike. Are you happy with the comfort? What are we missing? What else do you need to feel your best? What is it about us that makes them come back for more?

Activewear is everywhere. That is a fact. In Australia, activewear is a 2 billion dollar industry and is growing at 20% per year. The biggest portion of that is done online. WOW Huh. That is crazy stats.

In this market, we need to know our place and have that point of difference. Black is the No 1 selling colour of activewear so why would we have ½ our collection in black too? Well, because, it is the most popular colour customers are after. Not all pairs of black leggings are born equal. So before any new collection is born, I remember what we stand for.  “To support and motivate women by providing activewear that is comfortable, flattering and shapes women’s bodies”

Taking on board what our customers say along with our mission and values, our collections are created. This does take a lot of time. To be honest, as soon as I finish one collection, I already have the next collection on a mood board.

If I ever venture off track and start working on a style or colour that doesn’t fit our mission, it is removed from the design process

Our new Spring/Summer collection has cherry reds, gemstone greens, mesh, new silhouette stitching techniques, heaps of new styles, more butt control and some very stunning prints.

It will be a really exciting launch for us.

All I can say without giving anything away is, we listened……


Dani XX