Why Quality Activewear Counts

Why Quality Activewear Counts

Choosing your activewear carefully can make a big difference to the effectiveness of your workout. Making sure your you are kitted out in quality activewear will help you feel good, look great and perform at your best.

Here’s why it’s important to go for quality when it comes to activewear.

Focus on your workout

Comfort is critical! When you wear scratchy clothes that don’t fit or are uncomfortable, you will feel distracted during your whole workout. Our high quality activewear is designed with comfort at the front of mind, giving you a
chance to focus on smashing your fitness goals.


Support where you need it
As you work out, your clothes are put under stress. Heavy clothes made from the wrong materials also add weight, and this can impact your performance. Our quality activewear is light, breathable and fits to your body without bogging you down or restricting your movements. We use high support and stretchy fabrics that are fully breathable and have four way stretch. Deezi sports crops will give you support no matter what your cup size, while our leggings offer outstanding

Activewear that lasts
Although it might seem like a good idea at the time, purchasing super cheap activewear inevitably costs you more in the long run. Most cheap activewear will loose stretch and become saggy after just a few wears and you will find you
need to replace cheap garments much more often. This is a problem for the planet and your wallet! It makes sense to pick products like our leggings and gym shorts that will be with you for the long haul.

Deezi Active is made from highly durable fabrics that offer comfort, support and flexibility. Our garments are fade resistant and will be there for you during training, workouts and play. They have been made with love with the purpose to move with you and support you all day