Words from the heart

Words from the heart

Over the Christmas period I realised something… big businesses have a handy knack of hiding behind their big marketing budgets and corporate speak. This epiphany came after spending large amounts of money on Christmas presents for my family yet never really connecting with the brand which I was handing my hard earned money over to.

They can, at times, distance themselves from the people that are most loyal to them – their customers. It made me realize it is exactly what makes us different to the big brands – we care about you. We care about our customers. We ride the highs and lows with you, share your stories and support you on your journey. And because we do that, I thought it was time you heard from me. Dani – owner and founder of Deezi Active.

This is the first time I have written a blog, so I will start by wishing you all a Happy New Year.

Looking back at 2018, it was a very busy year. We launched Deezi Active, moved into our new family home and welcomed our second daughter Madison in November.

So, it is 2019 and I now have 2 beautiful girls and a very active business to run. Charlie is 21 months and Madison is now nearly 8 weeks old. They are my entire world and I absolutely adore them and feel so lucky to be their mum.

My days are very busy and full on so managing my time is critical to ensure a smooth work / life / mummy balance. Of course, not everything goes to plan.

Managing conference calls alongside a toddler who wants to be fed can be a challenge. Or a baby who just wants mum whilst I am in the middle of a brain storming session on my autumn / winter collection. Argh, the joys. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

To be honest, I am very lucky to have my family, great friends and a fantastic Deezi Active Team who have all been so supportive in allowing me to focus on Deezi when I need to.

I cannot wait to get back to my routine of weekly Zumba, boxfit and my gym sessions but for now, I am improvising and focusing on getting active with a pram. Let me just say, when I see an escalator at the shopping centre not working, I head straight too it. Up I go pushing a pram…Goals!!

We have very big plans for Deezi Active this year with some gorgeous new designs, colours and fabrics, private label ventures, exciting new ambassadors and sponsorships which we cannot wait to share with you.

One thing you can be sure of is, I am a woman designing activewear for women. I design them with body diversity in mind because beautiful bodies aren’t all the same shape or size. That part of the process is what really takes up my time but for good reason. Deezi Active will continue to deliver activewear that serves a purpose of being comfortable, flattering and superior athletic quality that you feel good in.

Keep a look out for some new styles being added to the collection and some classy patterns and colours coming your way. You can thank my little girl Charlie who has been sitting with me when I have been designing patterns and choosing colours and she’s definitely got it going on.

Stay Active and be Gorgeous doing it!

Until next time
Dani xox